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Homemade Soy Milk

Homemade Soy Milk

Making your own soy milk is always a more appropriate choice. It’s fresher, it tastes better, it’s easy to make and it’s a much more sustainable way to go. Continue reading

“The Cove”: A Meeting Point Between Heartbreaking Images And Mastery Of Thriller

“The Cove”: A Meeting Point Between Heartbreaking Images And Mastery Of Thriller

This award winning documentary tells the story of a small village in Japan with a big secret. The spectator is taken into an adventurous journey full of shocking facts and images, and witnesses a captivating movie in which the rhythm, the editing and the sound serves more than well the message. Continue reading

Nutritious Delicious Miso Soup

Nutritious Delicious Miso Soup

When you say miso soup, and without even mentioning the rest of the ingredient, you imply a super healthy food. So what if this soup has, in addition to miso, tofu, ginger, linseed, onion and garlic!?! We would call it “bombastic”!!!! Miso is a good source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, some B vitamins, vitamin … Continue reading

Batata Harra : A Savoursome Mezze

Batata harra, which literaly means chilly potatoes, are on the top list of the mezze menu in all Lebanese restaurants. And at home, housewives like to do it because of its simplicity, the low price ingredients and the excitement with which the rest of the family welcomes it. Originally the potatoes are deep fried. But, … Continue reading

Vegan Vigour

This is a new illustration by Freegan Kolektiva dedicated to all the people who follow conscious, plant-based diets (vegans, freegans etc.). We would like to underline that a vegan diet is by no means poorer, less diverse or inadequate. Usually, people ask “No meat, no eggs, no dairy, what do you eat then?”. The common logic is … Continue reading

Kibbet Batata Bil Forn : A Lebanese Delight

كبة بطاطا بالفرن potato kibbe in the oven This unctuous dish has a smooth taste and feeling. It is made of two layers of potatoes with a filling in between. Originally, this filling has meat in it. But here in Freegan Kolektiva we give you a veganised delicious version of it! Enjoy! 1.5 kg potatoes 1 … Continue reading

The Circus : A Crime Against Animals

The circus has drawn attention for many centuries, as back as ancient Rome times. Balloons, clowns, popcorn, cotton candy, funny music, appealing colors and beautiful wild animals; children love it and are thrilled to attend it and parents are unaware of the horror behind it. The truth of the “coulisse” of the circus industry is a greatly … Continue reading

MOUJADDARA- a traditional Lebanese dish

We thought it is about time to launch our Kitchen section. So here is a cultural dish from Lebanon. MOUJADDARA [lentil rice stew] This delicious dish is one of the most popular in Lebanon. It’s a one pot recipe, easy to prepare, with little ingredients and high nutritional value. Many families eat it on Fridays, … Continue reading