Posted in February 2012

Crisis or fraud? Spain: “They call it crisis, we call it Capitalism”

Crisis or fraud? Spain: “They call it crisis, we call it Capitalism”

In contrast with the austerity which is imposed on Spanish people, presented as the only way possible out of the crisis, more and more intellectuals argue that “There are alternatives.” People in Spain, as in other European countries, are waking up. Continue reading


Dubquake, Geneva – Roots & Culture dance

This a fresh video from the bi-monthly ‘Dubquake’ event in Le Zoo, Uzine, Geneva. The latest version came two weeks ago,  on the 11th February 2012, with Bush Chemists, Joe Pilgrim and O.B.F Sound System among others. This take is from O.B.F soundsystem session with Nello B and Shanti D soon after. Everyone is in a … Continue reading

Music Review: Pixelord – Keramika EP (2012, Hit And Hope)

Pixelord trangresses the digital, physical and geometric. Fluid, multi-layered, angular, bassy and emotive IDM for the music explorers. Genre: IDM / Digital Beats Country: Russia Artist Website: Label: Hit And Hope ‘Keramika’ stimulates the expansion of imagination, where digital fields and holographic landscapes converge. There is something scientific constantly underlying those tunes with arithmetical … Continue reading

Democracy fell; a new one is emerging

The ways politicians managed the present crisis in Europe have signaled the end of democracy. People in Greece have already lost belief in the political system as a whole as they feel the powerlessness to shape their present or future – a fierce reality in the experience of everyday life. More importantly, there is nothing to … Continue reading

Freegan Kolektiva: Celebrating 3 months

Like today three months ago, on November 11th 2011, Freegan Kolektiva was set in motion. Back then we were not much familiar with a lot of the tools we use today, even social media like facebook. In these three months we have been  learning intensively and we can say that things have changed a lot by … Continue reading