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Articles published during 2012:

  1. Vegan Food Co-op in Vienna
  2. Reclaim public spaces – the ‘Mashaa’ launch event
  3. The cycles of debt – debt as integral element of the present economic system
  4. What is in the trash bin? Saving exotic foods
  5. ‘Green’ – a silent witness of Sumatra’s last forest-dwellers
  6. Challenging a system of violence and oppression: veganism for the interest of all
  7. Water is not a product, it is a basic good
  8. Students protest for public education in Barcelona
  9. Crisis or fraud? Spain: “They call it crisis, we call it Capitalism”
  10. Addicted to corruption: The Greek state decided to ban people’s kitchens in times of hunger
  11. Repression in Spain: nothing looks like democracy anymore
  12. Democracy fell; a new one is emerging
  13. Paradigms of living solidarity from Greece [Part 3]: Unemployed youth feeds the hungry in Athens – Allos Anthropos
  14. Romania’s government caved in, IMF reforms remain (?)
  15. Beyond despair, beyond fear, beyond alienation: let humanity unfold
  16. Paradigms of living solidarity from Greece [Part 2]: Steelworkers’ ongoing 100 days – strike
  17. Paradigms of living solidarity from Greece [Part 1]: #tutorpool – A people-led network for free education
  18. Lessons from Dumpster Diving: treat your trash with care!
  19. Vegan Vigour
  20. Real stories from the epicentre of crisis: Freegan Kolektiva broadcasts solidarity initiatives from Greece
  21. Tales of a song: What is going on with the US occupy movement?
  22. “Some people are so poor that the only thing they have is money”
  23. New media for emerging cultures – Freegan Kolektiva’s hub
  24. REDD: Pushing through the world’s rainforests to expand insatiable markets
  25. A new generation of landless in the ‘developed’ world
  26. 2012 in stark antithesis: World Peace or Grave New World?
  27. European CAP Reform: We Need Food Sovereignty

Articles published during 2011:

  1. 46 new coal power plants in Turkey alone: Running ever faster against the wall
  2. Food System-Food Crisis? A direct response from ‘Allilegion’ initiative in the heart of Athens
  3. Buy Nothing Christmas
  4. The Circus : A Crime Against Animals
  5. False Debate: Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World?
  6. Blood on the streets: We witnessed 6 car accidents in 2 days
  7. Dub The Modern Culture!
  8. New pig megafactories – indoor, caged and intensive
  9. Freegan [Part 1]: dismissing the term, expanding the vegan
  10. Conquering a land to save it: Greece is officially no longer sovereign
  11. We have too much stuff! Let’s flee from the supermarket for a while… 26 NOV 2011 is the global Buy Nothing Day!

One thought on “Articles

  1. Saludos from The Mexican Zapatista; a contribution below:

    Actipedia: A joint project of the Center for Artistic Activism and the Yes Lab, the Actipedia will seek to be a comprehensive, user-generated, user-ranked, and searchable database of creative activist projects. It will include new material (activist self-reports) and will also link to numerous examples that have already been described elsewhere. Launching spring 2012.
    Beautiful Trouble: An Activism Design Database. A project of Agit-Pop and the Yes Lab, with dozens of collaborators (including the Yes Men), Beautiful Trouble will compile and disseminate tried and tested techniques to a wider range of practitioners via a shared database of case studies, principles, tactics, and theories. Launching in January 2012.


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