Vegan Vigour

This is a new illustration by Freegan Kolektiva dedicated to all the people who follow conscious, plant-based diets (vegans, freegans etc.).

We would like to underline that a vegan diet is by no means poorer, less diverse or inadequate. Usually, people ask “No meat, no eggs, no dairy, what do you eat then?”. The common logic is that a vegan needs to take out choices from his diet; it is a logic of ‘elimination’,’withdrawal’ and ‘bereavement’.

Paradoxically, we have experienced the opposite: a vegan diet is more diverse. The vegans that we know are active: they take great care of their diet, their are cooking their own food and learn about the ingredients they use, even farming methods etc. Vegans use neglected ingredients like millet, buckwheat, linseed, hemp, all sorts of seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as a great variety of seeds, nuts, herbs and spices that arev sometimes unknown to others.

Of course, the aforementioned qualities are not exclusive to vegans, but they are more pronounced on average. I would like to share this explosion of energy and vitality, especially during the first months when the change was more apparent. I stopped gradually eating processed foods, beverages, sugar, fast foods and I rarely went to the supermarket since then. I stopped eating meat and I gave up stepwise all animal products. That was only one side of the process; the other was that I was exploring both additional plant foods and my own culinary culture. I have been feeling more ‘light’, more vital, more active. That is the Vegan Vigour’.

Plant-based diets cannot be enforced, they can only be encouraged and inspired.



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