Music News

  1. New music video: Tremor – Huella feat. Micaela Chauque
  2. Kalbata & Mixmonster rejuvenate Jamaican roots & culture
  3. New track by Alice Russell – upcoming album
  4. KOAN Sound – the video for “80s fitness”
  5. Ziggi Recado liberates us for the second time: the video
  6. A Heavy Funk free download by Psymbionic
  7. Ross Daly and collaborators live in California
  8. Dojo Cuts’ new single: from soul to rock steady
  9. The Souljazz Orchestra – Videos and World Tour
  10. Pre/Post Fest 2012 – August 4 at Preveza, Greece
  11. Niyaz drop ‘Arzusun’ music video
  12. The Spy From Cairo drops a video for ‘Alladin Dub’ inspired by shadow theaters
  13. Webcam Hi-Fi release new album and video
  14. Kabaka Pyramid & Sara Lugo’s new video – drop your hatred, embrace life
  15. AUditors DOminations bring ‘Palace Of Light’ for the first time on stage
  16. Surf, skate and funk: Congo Sanchez ‘Ghost Dance’ video
  17. Groundation are building an ark: New video, upcoming album
  18. Wee Dub Festival 2012: Distilling a 40 year strong musical history
  19. Dubbing & Sharing: Dexter Dub – Dubstep Inna Dubwize Style part 2 (Subbass Podcast 12)
  20. Thievery Corporation – New single and video dedicated to Occupy movement
  21. Dub Colossus – free weekly downloads

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