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  1. One year Freegan Kolektiva
  2. Roots, Rum n Reggae event
  3. We can also live differently, another world is here!
  4. 4 days of local foods, crafts and arts
  5. Pathways out of the civilization crisis – Join the first ‘Transition Training’ seminar in Greece
  6. Global uprising squared: From 15O to 12M12
  7. Freegan Kolektiva live DJ set at ‘BeiRoots’ event tonight in Hamra, Beirut
  8. Greek Uprising: solidarity to a decisive multitude
  9. Freegan Kolektiva: Celebrating 3 months
  10. People are marginalized; We need Convergence – marching for solidarity in Athens, Greece
  11. Roots Sounds Party: Freegan Kolektiva’s first event
  12. Tales of a song: What is going on with the US occupy movement?
  13. People reclaim their lives: Tomorrow indignants come back at Syntagma square, Athens
  14. Food System-Food Crisis? A direct response from ‘Allilegion’ initiative in the heart of Athens
  15. Freegan Kolektiva launches 2 campaigns!
  16. Freegan Kolektiva launches the new page devoted to Documentary Reviews!
  17. Dumpster Diving is legitimized! check the ‘Taste the Waste’ trailer
  18. Copyright or Copyleft? Freegan Kolektiva’s images published under Creative Commons license
  19. New pig megafactories – indoor, caged and intensive
  20. New Freegan Kolektiva logo
  21. We have too much stuff! Let’s flee from the supermarket for a while… 26 NOV 2011 is the global Buy Nothing Day!

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