Music Snapshots

  1. Calibro 35 – BBQ obscure funk
  2. The Garifuna Collective – Mongulu
  3. 74 Miles Away: Rhodes to the future
  4. Fulgeance: Sonic and visual meltdown
  5. Peace & Dub man!
  6. Rootstep in heavy rotations – the ‘anti-babylon’ mixtape
  7. Watch Kabanjak’s ‘Rhythm’ music video
  8. Chopstick Dubplate crew shares ‘Summer Sumting’ mixtape – Junglist Movement!
  9. Summer breeze and crystal waters – Zafayah and Sen I’s new video
  10. Don Fe – Conscious reggae riddims from Spain
  11. Celt Islam – Dub Sufism beyond borders
  12. The art of delicate timbres: Miguel Atwood Ferguson with Flying Lotus
  13. Rootstep meltdown – Download Roommate’s ‘Mix For Jamaica Vol.2′
  14. SMOD: Malian rap along Manu Chao’s beat
  15. Ondis & Zugg-Ting drop ‘Come Fi Fight Babylon’ mixtape
  16. Batida – Bazuka
  17. Dubwise transcendental: Mad Professor and Sister Aisha
  18. Soom T ‘Kingdom Rise’ – Beyond fear and alienation
  19. Ngoma Transcending Boundaries: The Western cultural metacenter is swerving
  20. Lutan Fyah sings about human exploitation and destitution
  21. CHLLNGR’s animated astro-dub elegy
  22. Digital Dubs – The vicious cycle of destitution in the Favelas of Rio
  23. Leaving life behind, drawn out by the light
  24. Street spirit alive; everyone is ‘Part Of The Glory’
  25. High Tone ‘Boogie Dub Production’ – The Video
  26. Young Magic we could share
  27. The Black Seeds: “What you give, it’s coming back to you”
  28. Meditating on violence: Flamingo Bay’s ‘Redd Lake’ video
  29. Retro-forward: Baloji – ‘Independance’ revisited
  30. What happened in Wee Dub Festival 2012?
  31. Salmonella Dub – Nu Steppa videoclip
  32. Art Making in timelapse and heavy basslines – The latest videoclip of Salmonella Dub: Untangling
  33. Dubquake, Geneva – Roots & Culture dance
  34. Ruff & Tuff music for uprising people
  35. Street bands restore the spirit of urban communities: Rebirth Brass Band
  36. Dub Primitivism – N’Goni with Alpha & Omega
  37. Jahtari + Soom T: The power of digital beats and deejay skills
  38. Thievery Corporation – State of the Union
  39. Collective Mode – ADF vibes

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