Freegan Kolektiva campaign : say NO to circus animal exploitation

Tortured in the name of entertainment, circus animals spend a lifetime of misery, pain, fear, frustration and physiological distress.These animals, which are naturally vigorous and acive, are chained or caged throughout their lives. Training is not monitored thus trainers beat, shock and whip the animals with bullhooks, electric pods and other pain inflicting instruments.

Due to the constant movement of the circus, animals are engaged in long travelling distances, sometimes in extreme cold or heat, caged in trails or trucks for as long as 48 hrs (even more in some cases), eating, sleeping and defecating in the same place. In many cases, they are deprived from basic needs such as water or veterinary assistance. As a result many animals succumbed to this brutality.

Beside all the suffering, circuses have no educational values. On the contrary, they show the animals in their most unnatural environments and behaviors. They present nature beleaguered by the ignorance of man; these majestic animals are not appreciated in their full natural capacities, they are just reduced to a spectacle. They serve the circus owners in making profits receiving a life of slavery in return. Our ‘civilized’ society puts no limits to exploitation when it comes to the commodified spectacle.

But there are alternatives! Due to the rise of concern toward animal abuse, animal-free circuses are becoming more and more popular providing the audience with splendid shows, without having to put animals under suffering and distress.

We must be active. These animals are dragged unwillingly into this horrifying life, and if we don’t act now, they will keep on being exploited. Let’s join Denmark, Costa Rica and other countries which banned animals in circuses for a suffering-free entertainment.


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