Posted in December 2011

Kibbet Batata Bil Forn : A Lebanese Delight

كبة بطاطا بالفرن potato kibbe in the oven This unctuous dish has a smooth taste and feeling. It is made of two layers of potatoes with a filling in between. Originally, this filling has meat in it. But here in Freegan Kolektiva we give you a veganised delicious version of it! Enjoy! 1.5 kg potatoes 1 … Continue reading

Record Review: Vieux Farka Toure – The Secret (Six Degrees)

Vieux Farka Toure with ‘The Secret’ is establishing himself as a premier act in the realm traditional, global music. This album offers a varied sound, with outstanding musicianship, songwriting and production and creates rich and emotional listening experiences. Mali is the epicenter of African music; it is a bottomless repository of music tradition. The musical … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Psarantonis – epitome of deep-rooted tradition and genuine innovation

Psarantonis embodies the true essence of traditional musicianship: being deeply rooted in local culture while pushing traditional music forward with innovation at all scales. Psarantonis’ music is of great depth while delivering with words and textures his vision of a world diverse, self-determined and animated. One of the most lively and active parts of traditional … Continue reading

Buy Nothing Christmas

I did not have a Christmas celebration with my family since December 2006. It is not because I do not want to be with family, but I have not been in my home country during that season. Throughout these years, being outside the warmth of family and kinship, I developed a more ‘blunt’ look on … Continue reading