Freegan Kolektiva pursues the following objectives:

1) Encouragement of ethical consumption. This entails voluntary non-participation in the consumption of meat, animal products, most of the conventional and globally-traded commodities as means to end human and non-human animal exploitation.

2) Dissemination of the practice of minimal consumption within a closed cycle of nutrients and materials. This requires a re-definition of our essential needs, reduction of our consumption adjusted to those needs and reuse of all available goods and materials. We perceive dumpster diving, trash art etc. as effective means for minimal participation in the system and reduction of over-consumption but not ends that will require a fundamental change of the means of production. We believe that every person is responsible for leading a life within the carrying capacities of the Earth without compromising the quality of life of other humans, animals and future generations.

3) Forging different networks of production and consumption within biocultural regions. We endorse self-sufficiency, sustainable agriculture, producer-consumer  platforms, voluntary work and goods exchange systems etc. We believe in meaningful work for the benefit of all life on Earth. We are open to establish synergies with people, groups and organizations.

4) Promoting real change from below, from the people not just ‘amendments’ from the centers of power. Therefore we support empowerment of peoples and groups without prejudices and preconditions coupled with restoration of cultural diversity and the social space. We want to transcend static doctrines and debates of violence/non-violence, insider/outsider struggle and rather see what brings real, ethical and effective change.

5) Developing and maintaining the Freegan Kolektiva e-zine. Occasionally printing and publishing some material.

6) Raising awareness and facilitation of workshops and events. Supporting group building and group action (e.g. culture jamming, protest)


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