Posted in January 2012

Batata Harra : A Savoursome Mezze

Batata harra, which literaly means chilly potatoes, are on the top list of the mezze menu in all Lebanese restaurants. And at home, housewives like to do it because of its simplicity, the low price ingredients and the excitement with which the rest of the family welcomes it. Originally the potatoes are deep fried. But, … Continue reading

Vegan Vigour

This is a new illustration by Freegan Kolektiva dedicated to all the people who follow conscious, plant-based diets (vegans, freegans etc.). We would like to underline that a vegan diet is by no means poorer, less diverse or inadequate. Usually, people ask “No meat, no eggs, no dairy, what do you eat then?”. The common logic is … Continue reading

Roots Sounds Party: Freegan Kolektiva’s first event

We are delighted to invite you to Freegan Kolektiva’s very first event ‘Roots Sounds Party’ organized in collaboration with Soilvivor Music Sessions, the new founded Rastafari Culture Radical crew and the people of Dany’s pub. Expect the most crucial tunes from a wide pallet of styles like Roots Reggae, Ska, Dubstep, Jungle, Balkan and World music … Continue reading

Record Review: Full Dub – Potentiodub EP (ODG Productions)

Potentiodub is another fine effort that demonstrates the true exploratory spirit of French Dub as artfully integrating here Electro, Dubstep and Ethnic influences on a vintage dub basis. Full Dub proposes a refined distillation of dub legacy, a more ‘complete’ blend, a creative ‘meta-dubstep’ sound. Genre: French Dub/Electro Country: France Artist Website: Facebook Label: ODG Productions   … Continue reading

Ruff & Tuff music for uprising people

This track is dedicated to all the people that are struggling out there on the streets defying repression, broadcasted gouges and propagated fear. People are uprising in US, UK, Greece and lately also in Romania. The T.I.N.A. (There Is No Alternative) doctrine that has been abused over and over again by politicians in Europe during … Continue reading