Freegan Kolektiva is a collective initiative that encourages personal transformation and social action towards a thriving, just and self-determined society that shares compassion and conviviality with all living beings.

Our main activity is the publication of the Freegan Kolektiva zine, which we consider as a hub of emerging culture. We do not focus only on social commentaries or vegan recipes but we want to include articles on music, documentaries and anything inspiring for a holistic change. Additionally we are working on the production of audiovisual material as well as the facilitation of events and organization of actions.

There is a widespread discrepancy between what people are in the real life and how the people present themselves on the web. In contrast, we are presenting our real lives – our words come from action in order to motivate further action among ourselves and our readers. We see internet merely as an effective communication tool, not a way of life.

We are based in South East Mediterranean region (mainly Greece and Lebanon), but we are also engaged in global collaboration and action. Our motivation stems from our concerns with the present interlocked crises (economic, climate, food, water).


Freegan Kolektiva believes that all these crises stem from the dominant modes of development which are defined by monolithic market dependency, power accumulation and hegemony, lack of real democracy and our own numb consumerist lifestyles. The enormous wealth that this unsustainable system has been generating is not shared among all peoples. Most of us are underprivileged, indebted and alienated as well as deprived of a prosperous future on a healthy planet. Experts have long confirmed that the way we live in the affluent West can be no longer maintained.

As we pursue vegan lifestyles shunning from overconsumption and sheer materialism, we attempt to close the loops of the life-cycles of products by recovering and reusing food and other materials. Most of all, we want to involve ourselves in other ways of production and consumption that are more ethical, localized and resilient. We encourage the establishment of food sovereignty and diverse, networked eco-social spaces.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Having looked around yours, I LOVE you grand vision and the positive energy you are attempting to spread.

    Have fun, and I’ll try to stop by when I can.


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