Music Review: Mako – Seshaan EP

Mako Seshaan Cover

Genre: Dubstep / IDM

Region: Leeds, UK

Artists’ Website: Mako’s Soundcloud page

Label: Abaga Records

Release Date: June 25, 2012

This review that has been stuck in Freegan Kolektiva’s pipeline since its release but finally we gathered some words to post for this EP. In few words, ‘Seshaan’ is an enjoyable EP of contemporary electronic music and you can download it for free. It features hard, constantly pulsating beats, dubstep riffing in generally sparse soundscapes that bring the 2005-2006 era of dubstep in mind.

Mako Logo

From the second track, ‘Dutch’, things get more interesting; the bass drop is dance-sensible, slightly melodic and utterly captivating.
At the end of the track Mako managed to throw some melodic, IDM-sounding bleeps in the mix.

Elements’ continues in the same direction with another catchy riff and a stressful beat and together with ‘Dutch’ it forms the main body of the EP. The last number ‘Niddry Leaves’ is a more experimental track with a wobbling bass section and stretched-out broody synths that builds up cinematic autumnal scenes.

‘Seshaan’ is 18 minutes well-worth to download and listen to. Mako, aka Alex, has already planned some upcoming releases on Black Lantern Music from Edinburgh and on NoMad Records from Turin.

Mako Movement

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