Music Review: EXP – Apocalypse EP (2012, Subbass Netlabel)

EXP’s debut EP keeps a balance between straightforward dubstep and roots/dub elements. The result is apt to crack the dancefloors

Genre: Dubstep / Rootstep /Grime

Region: Karlsruhe, Germany

Artists Website: EXP soundcloud

Label: Subbass Netlabel

EXP is a very fresh artist from the German dubstep scene. The producer from Karlsruhe just put out his first EP ‘Apocalypse’ last month on Subbass netlabel, which you can download for free.

EXP’s dubstep comes explosive and straightforward in the vein of Kromestar, 6Blocc and Sukh Knight (to lesser extend). It is not focused on building dark ambiance or using sparse sounds typical of early dubstep. It is full on outspoken heaviness with basslines and drops; however, EXP leaves space for dub/reggae fusions, bringing in mind rootstep -specialist Radikal Guru (but also 6Blocc and Kromestar’s more dub songs).

Apocalypse Dub’ features a catchy melody and a simple, straightforward riddim that can only push you to jump around the place. One can already appreciate EXP’s dancefloor sensibility to deliver catchy, neck-braking tunes like this.

The second track ‘Lament Configuration’ is faster, techno-influenced with quite an inventive robotic drop akin to Liquid Stranger that can tear a whole venue apart.

Third and final track is ‘Merther’ which is strongly Radikal Guru flavoured. It is the most uplifting of the set, with an addictive reggae beat, tempo shifts and good dynamics in check. I look forward in droping this song in the sets.

Overall, the sound of ‘Apocalypse’ is on demand now and it deserves to be heard, primarily for the rootstep elements; nevertheless, it is just the EXP’s first work and there is still quite some road to be paved in order to offer something really outstanding to all those bass-thirsty crowds . Freegan Kolektiva already looks forward for EXP’s next numbers.


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