Music Review: Pixelord – Keramika EP (2012, Hit And Hope)

Pixelord trangresses the digital, physical and geometric. Fluid, multi-layered, angular, bassy and emotive IDM for the music explorers.

Genre: IDM / Digital Beats

Country: Russia

Artist Website:

Label: Hit And Hope

‘Keramika’ stimulates the expansion of imagination, where digital fields and holographic landscapes converge. There is something scientific constantly underlying those tunes with arithmetical yet syncopated rhythms, melodic and persisting synth bleeps and deep subbass kicks.

The music in general is bright, melodic and emotional, at times unpredictable and though unpretentiously artificial it arrives at an organic result. Although machine-made it has captured all the living brain processes in the making, mimicking contours of living organisms but also elliptic modes and repetitive forms, which are all intricately natural. It is multi-layered and buzzing (check the title track).

There is an obsession with geometry, as well as with pastel pop art as de-morphed by progressive connoisseurs of the 1970s. There is also something grandiose and enigmatic, like an apocalyptic Koyaanitsqatsi feel, but more bright and hopeful than obscene (‘Drinky’).

You can hear bits and pieces that assemble much of the history of electronic music, as it has always been innovative in its original sense: from Kraftwerk to Nordic electronica, IDM, vintage 8-bit sounds as lately revolutionized by Jahtari and the likes. There are dub and dubstep influences as well but they are discrete and unobtrusive here, in contrast with some of his previous efforts.

Pixelord, born Alexey Devyanin, has been more than a decade involved in electronic music production introducing experimental and groundbreaking styles in Moscow, Russia. As honestly written at Leisure System’s website: “Life in Moscow is fast and saturated. The scene is getting bigger though, but it’s a really slow process.”

Alexey Devyanin has already released a substantial body of music as Pixelord but he is mostly known for his work as Gultskra Artikler exploring more ambient soundscapes. Even as Pixelord his style has been always evolving and if his sound in 2011’s ‘Fish Touch’ was more playful and dynamic – a patchwork with those 8 bit Arkanoid sounds, wobbling bass and reggae riddims- ‘Keramika’ comes more mature and cohesive. Personally, I like them equally, they are just different.


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