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‘Global Tongues’ music session in Kythera island

‘Global Tongues’ music session in Kythera island

A music session with global vibes at Kapsali, Kythera island Continue reading


People are marginalized; We need Convergence – marching for solidarity in Athens, Greece

People are rising up against the relentless political blackmailing like ‘subscribing to inhumane IMF policies or  bankruptcy’, ‘submission or catastrophe’ that has been tirelessly used by politicians and the mass media. This unprecedented manipulation has the objective to render the people mere observers to the deprivation of all their social privileges. The accumulation of power to … Continue reading

Roots Sounds Party: Freegan Kolektiva’s first event

We are delighted to invite you to Freegan Kolektiva’s very first event ‘Roots Sounds Party’ organized in collaboration with Soilvivor Music Sessions, the new founded Rastafari Culture Radical crew and the people of Dany’s pub. Expect the most crucial tunes from a wide pallet of styles like Roots Reggae, Ska, Dubstep, Jungle, Balkan and World music … Continue reading

Freegan Kolektiva launches 2 campaigns!

We are delighted to announce you two campaigns of Freegan Kolektiva. Exploitation Campaign Exploitation is at the core of the present dominant system. It permeates every human and animal activity on a daily basis. We are all exploited in differing degrees by the wealthy and powerful of this world.  Exploitation can manifest through our own labour, … Continue reading