Free Download: Eliot Lipp – Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake

Eliot Lipp has crafted more than a handful of beautiful, forward-thinking anthems in his last album Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake (May 2012).

[We wanted to remind that you can download the whole album for free here]

Equipped with analog gear and endless samples, he has found a harmonious melange of experimentation and tunefulness; all those myriad styles from IDM, electro, disco breaks and instrumental hip-hop to glitch and bass are merged spotlessly without disrupting moods and flows.

Even though he is constantly flirting with the bizarre, he is not carried away in endless zig-zags keeping a somewhat straightforward ethic while every track features at least a couple of hooks to keep your attention high. In an era of overproduced maximalist bass music, where tons of sounds get crammed together in any given song, it is refreshing to hear something more delicate and less saturated.

Eliot Lipp Shark Wolf  Rabbit Snake

Forward-thinking electronic music at Freegan Kolektiva;

  1. 74 Miles Away: Rhodes to the future
  2. Fulgeance: Sonic and visual meltdown
  3. Opiuo – Butternut Slap Part 3
  4. MonkeyRobot – The MonkeyRobot EP
  5. Watch Kabanjak’s ‘Rhythm’ music video
  6. CHLLNGR’s animated astro-dub elegy
  7. Rumpistol / Red Baron – Floating
  8. Hatti Vatti ft. Cian Finn – You (Phaeleh / Indigo Mixes)

More free downloads:

  1. Opiuo – Velkro Envy
  2. Duffrey – Way Of The Learned Cat
  3. Minnesota – Stardust Redux (Psymbionic remix)
  4. Psymbionic’s new remix free download – upcoming EP

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