Music Review: Mop Mop – Remixed *A Tropical Reconstruction*

Mop Mop Tropical Reconstruction

Genre: Deep House / Afro-tropical / Downtempo

Region: Berlin, Germany / Amsterdam, the Netherlands / Lisbon, Portugal

Artists’ Website: Mr Raoul K / Simbad / DJ iZem

Label: Agogo Records

Release Date: November 11, 2013

Mop Mop’s fourth album Isle of Magic (March 2013, Agogo Records) has been one of the stand-out releases of the year – a genuine amalgam of spiritual jazz, afro-tropical music and poetry. This remix EP can be thought of as the electronic extension of the album, encompassing its qualities and pushing them in uncharted sonic realms. The music contained here is not not easily categorizable, I would just refer to it as ‘subtle electronics’ since emphasis is given on timbres and lurking particularities that reveal themselves gradually after repeated listens. Here, we have “Kamakumba” in two remix versions and “Let I Go” in a twelve and a half minute-long explorative pageant.

Lubeck-based Ivorian Mr Raoul K has assembled all his electronic trickery from his African-infused Techno/Deep House productions and with the aid of additional keys and synths by Alex Trebo he reworked “Let I Go”, one of the trademark songs of Mop Mop’s landmark release. The sense of restless energy of the original track is reinforced by a deep reverberating beat, incessant hand claps and swirling equatorial cadences. On top of this dense rhythmic backbone Mr Raoul K has added a psychoactive layer of carefully-arranged synths, dubbing effects and electro-stabs while retaining the exotic vibes of the jungle. The result is an innovative mind-altering afro-electronic epic.

The original version of “Kamakumba” was one of the most accessible tracks in Isle of Magic lifted by soaring dreamy melodies. UK producer/DJ Simbad has gently revised the melodic section adding depth and flare in his upbeat dance version of the tune. Globetrotter and producer DJ iZem offers a downtempo version of the track with an imaginative ‘filtered’ rendition of the lead melody and instrumental hip-hop touches.

All in all, A Tropical Reconstruction is a well-rounded release showcasing the conceivers’ and beatmakers’ developed sensibilities for pathbreaking electronics with beautiful sonic details omnipresent.

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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