Music Review: Souleance – Brotha EP

Souleance Brotha Cover Art

Genre: Electro / Breaks / Funk / Tropical

Region: France

Artists’ Website: Souleance

Label: First Word Records

Release Date: November 4, 2013

The French beatplotters Fulgeance and DJ Soulist, aka Souleance, have developed a characteristic style drawing influences from 1980s synth-laden electro, instrumental hip-hop & breaks, jazz/funk and tropical/bossa-lounge music. To put it simply, it is interesting beat music driven by the artisanal unconventional style of Fulgeance, but unlike his solo outputs Souleance are more dancefloor-oriented and palatable. That can be witnessed in the 2 albums, 3 EPs and 3 7”s Souleance have released since 2009.

Their material competently surpasses the confines of their influences creating sounds that are genuinely exciting – sonic treasures are present at every turn. Their tracks blend memorable melodies with those quirky passages and demand attention – they can surely lift up a DJ set in a variety of settings. Brotha is their fourth EP and is no different in relation to all those qualities exposed above.

Only this time the duo was more keen on deeper bass and dance tracks. The crunchy electro of “Brotha” is intoxicating in its weirdness matching elements that seem unfitting at first. “Broodbecker” is of the same DNA: heavyweight bass, succulent synthwork and smart vocal samples albeit in this case pushed in the nu funk territory with a remarkably straightforward beat (for their standards) reminding some of Fulegeance’s own solo tracks and acts like AGFA and Mr. Scruff.

Georgian Kiss” is an odd number, where the duo follows the experimental trail with unorthodox vocal chops becoming a rhythmic vertebra blended with tropical nuances. “Mais Um” is the stunning accomplishment of Souleance mixing an ethio-mystic organ pageant with strumming strings, soultry vocals and jazzy percussions. “Tropicalidad” is the duo’s take on on tropical dance music while “Vacances” is a retro-futureal funk dream packed with swirling synths not unlike the work of MonkeyRobot /74 Miles Away. Frankly, Brotha is the release I have enjoyed the most from the Souleance canon.

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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