Music Review: Mat Tha Hat / Paurini – Pass Me A Dubplate / Bass Bomb

Mat That Hat Paurini

Genre: Glitch hop / Melodic Bass / Funk / Reggae

Region: Colchester, UK / Rotorua, New Zealand

Artists’ Website: Mat That Hat /Paurini

Label: Glitch Hop Community

Release Date: November 6, 2013

The Glitch Hop Community has become one of the most important outlets for dancefloor-hitting bass and emerging glitch talents. Proof of that is the brand new double single from producers Mat Tha Hat (Colchester, UK) and Paurini (Rotorua, New Zealand).

Now that the melodic bass scene is infested with arena rock over-produced vogue and ambition, sandwiching together all music styles in clean-cut recordings with little musical substance, it is outright refreshing to listen to these 2 tracks which are playful and fun before anything else!

Pass Me The Dubplate”, as the title implies, drops a reggae/dub twist in the funky glitch hop formula crafting a memorable uplifting track. Jamrock vocal samples and synths from the reggae arsenal (piano, organ, horns) melt together with funky breaks and rhytmic laserbeams showcasing solid prodcution skills. Paurini’s “Bass Bomb” is propelled by crashing breakbeats, a rhythmic mid-range and euphoric chiptune bleeps when the huge rattling bass wobbles are not dominating the sonic spectrum. Overall, this release is overflowing with sparkling vibes and as Glitch Hop Community put it: “Pass Me A Dubplate and let the Bass Bomb explode!” I am excited at dropping them in my Dj set tonight. Grab the music here.

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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