Music Review: Bunnington Judah & Full Dub – Jah Will Guide 7”

Bunnington Judah Jah Will Guide

Genre: Roots Reggae / Digital Roots / Steppers Dub

Region: Leeds, UK / France

Artists’ Website: Full Dub / Bunnington Judah

Label: Dubatriation

Release Date: October 9, 2013

Over the time we have developed a relationship of trust with Dubatriation: we know that we are going to get our healthy dose of roots, dub & consciousness in a 7” format even before the actual release. As with the previous releases Jah Will Guide explores a different shade of Dubatriation’s sound but always keeping that invisible thread that connects all the label’s output intact.

Dubatriation’s lighthouse, Dijon native producer/instrumentalist Full Dub (Odgprod) and chanter/akete player Bunnington Judah (Iration Steppas, Itrol Tower Foundation etc.) are here to provide us guidance in our times of haste and tumult. With a throbbing bass, steady drum-kicks, industrial licks, wailing melodicas and dub effects omnipresent the track remains faithful to the UK dub formula. Bunnington Judah’s chanting is emotive and passionate – he ‘lives’ the lyrics. The dub side pushes delays, reverbs and other FX to maximum impact in a way that it will feed even the most demanding dub rigs.

Once more, Dubatriation’s calling is clear and reaches hearts – excellent release. Get it here.

Bunnington Judah Jah Will Guide Banner

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More Full Dub:

  1. Full Dub – Potentiodub EP  (2012, ODG Productions)

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