Music Review: The Worldstylers – The Blues Boutique EP

The Worldstylers Blues Boutique

Genre: Electro Blues / Nu Funk / Downtempo

Region: Budapest, Hungary and Athens, Greece

Artists’ Website: Savages Y Suefo / Timewarp Inc / Ordiman / Niles Philips

Label: Timewarp Music

Release Date: September 16, 2013

Some of you may know Savages Y Suefo from their debut full-length release Worldstyle (2013, Agogo records). The prolific DJ/producer duo from Budapest, wasted no time and dropped 2 blues-drenched tracks as the Worldstylers, treated by a number of remixers for a complete half an hour long EP release.

While Worldstyle sounds promising indeed, The Blues Boutique is the beatsmiths’ best release to date. First comes “Put It Right Here” with a steady four-on-the-floor beat laced by smoky blues vocal samples and harmonicas. It is altogether straightforward and catchy and it can work like charm with alt-dance crowds. However, the elements of the song truly shine with Ordiman’s warm bass dance version and Timewarp Inc’s funk house style which expands on the percussive parts, calibrates the beat with the necessary heaviness to shake the dancefloors, drops breaks and alternates passages.

In “Gimme One More” the Worldstylers show their experience, feeling more comfortable in the downtempo / nu funk territories. The fat bass, the samples, the groove are all in the right place. Niles Philips has re-worked the track to perfection (or to utter euphoria), blending tight guitar strumming and a driving hammond verse akin to acid dancefloor jazz – my favourite track in the set. Ordiman’s froggy bass riffing pushes the track in another direction widening the palette of the EP. Even though it bares some interesting ideas, the result is a bit static. Overall, it is one of the most dancefloor-savvy releases from Timewarp Music I have come across so far. Get it here.


Nu-funk & breaks at Freegan Kolektiva:

  1. Mr. Gagun – 11:11 Remixed
  2. AUditors DOmination – Palace of Light
  3. Captain Planet – Mystery Trip Vol. 1
  4. Frootful – Heavyweight
  5. Various Artists – Life’s A Glitch Volume 4
  6. Timewarp – Diskocutz .2 Remixed

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