Kalbata & Mixmonster rejuvenate Jamaican roots & culture

Kalbata & Mixmonster have embarked into an exciting journey the last couple of years: they came up with the idea of capturing the vibes of the classic Jamaican roots, dub & early dancehall recordings by using strictly analog yet innovative production methods. To get an extra push they visited the original ‘crime scene’ in Kingston and met some of the original chanters and deejays of those days like Major Mackerel, Trinity, Echo Minott and Mutabaruka – some of whom you can see and hear in the teaser clip above.

With a project like this they were recently signed to Freestyle Records (celebrating its 10th anniversary), which is going to put  soon out the first single “Prisoner In Love” featuring Little John followed by the full-length album Congo Beat The Drum later this year. We can hear some Jahtari influences, deep roots, cult early dancehall and fresh bass-driven ideas mold into one. Expectations are sky-high!

This video reminded me why I still love Jamaican roots music from ska to ragga after 11 years of incessant listening. This small island was – and in a way still is – bursting with creativity, talent and musical innovation maybe more than any other place in the world if you consider the countless styles, artists, production techniques and cultural shifts they unleashed to the world. Jamaica is a cultural powerhouse.

Kalbata Mixmonster Photo


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