Music Review: Maffi – Heidi Riddim 2 x 7″

Lord Sassafrass Talking Yardie

Genre: 8-bit dancehall / Digikal

Region: Germany, UK, Jamaica, France

Artists’ Website: Speng Bond / Lord Sassafrass / Maffi / Disrupt / Junior Roy

Label: Jahtari

Release Date: September 26, 2013

Maffi unearthed an almost defect version of the Sleng Teng riddim from the most craggy intergalactic dungeons, they refurbished it with a succulent, pronounced – still lurking belowground – bassline and brought it back to the unaware earthlings. To keep those chosen few dancehall addicts high, they teamed up with potent cult deejays like Speng Bond and Lord Sassafrass as well as the 16 year old newcomer Junior Roy from Paris.

Speng Bond White Horse ArtworkHere it is! Heidi riddim in all its 4 versions divided in 2 7″s. The UK soundsystem veteran Speng Bond (Jungleman, Ravers International, Jah Covenant, Quaker City Sound to name a few), who ruled in his previous Jahtari session Tann Up Solid, rocks again with exhilarating prowess in “White Horse” speaking out against cocaine. Equally eminent – if not more – is Lord Sassafrass’ reprise “Talking Yardie”. Lord Sassafrass (born Michael Johnson) has scored numerous dancehall anthems with the legendary Black Scorpio Sound System at Waterhouse area in Kingston. He was a dancehall entertainer and innovator, who excelled an era when the live dance was more important than recording tracks.

Not to forget, Disrupt manipulates the riff even further into devastating effect, dropping a crunchier dubbed-out version. I can’t wait to dish it out in the next dance.

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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