Free download: Subbass netlabel – Dub compilation

The brand new compilation from the German Subbass netlabel simply entitled DUB is dedicated at exposing new roots & dub music from up and coming artists. The album is available for free download from the label’s Bandcamp page. Not every track is stellar, but if you are a dubhead there are enough interesting tracks to keep you in trance.

Subbass Dub CompilationListen to Lunetic’s melodic dub with its hypnotic downtuned bassline (“Downtime Dub”). Dub Size from the Basque region of France (Euskal Herria) utilizes mystical eastern synths on occidental melodic layers (“Mirage”). “King Dub” from Rocker’s Dub (Mexico) is drowned in delay, echo and reverb with an amazing roots riddim. Step High‘s psydub-to-steppers “The Yellow Tree” breaks into innovative soundcapes while the Shaman Monkey‘s “Prototape” oscillates deftly into lo-fi digital roots realms. The album’s closer, titled “Amnezia sound 5”, from OY Sound System (Ukraine) is probably the heaviest track in the compilation incorporating elements from ambient and global bass music to build a comatose transcendental atmosphere. Altogether, these dubs are an ideal soundtrack for contemplation and meditation.


Grab more free downloads vie Freegan Kolektiva here.

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