Music Review: Various Artists – Life’s A Glitch Volume 4

Life's A Glitch Volume 4 Cover Art

Genre: Glitch Hop / Future Bass / Funk

Region: UK, Australia

Artists’ Website: Glitch Hop Community / Topher Zero / GRUFF / Coarse / Mr. 50Dephicit

Label: Glitch Hop Community

Release Date: August 28, 2013

Glitch Hop Community has a vibrant web presence which quickly expanded to a label less than year ago. Fast forward to the fourth instalment of the increasingly prominent Life’s A Glitch series which once more delivers a solid set of the latest and greatest in glitch hop.

The compilation contains a few gems. First of all, it starts with a funky mega-blast! “Xerofunk” by Topher Zero is the grooviest track I have come across lately; the captivating electro-funk melody laced with an almost organic beat swiftly morphs into a jarring glitch-funk exuberance. It is just as rugged and heavy it should be to keep you banging around. Excellent track – thumbs up!

Coarse drops a ground-breaking number (”Genesis”) of neon mechanics stitched on a steady beat into unending outer space in a parallel course to late Opiuo. Mr. 50’s “Fight Night” exhibits stunning production skills as he utilizes the quirkiest beats and bleeps combined with well-developed rhythmic sensibilities and tunefulness.

The crew behind the Glitch Hop Community has once again compiled some the finest glitch hop cuts from the bass universe. Anyone with a soft spot for forward-thinking electronic heaviness should check this one out.

You can grab the compilation here.

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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