Live Report: Two Wooden Stones / Postcards in Beirut (October 5, 2013)

As Beirut appeared on the map of the “Eastern Shores” Middle East tour of Two Wooden Stones, crowds flocked at Yukunkun club to kickstart the cultural happenings of the autumn season.

Postcards Live Yukunkun Photo by Alex

Postcards live at Yukunkun / Photography by Alex

The local support act, Postcards, was the perfect choice for this event. The band seems to have quickly built a following, which in combination with their recent debut EP release (Lakehouse) is quite an accomplishment for such a young band. With Yukunkun quite crowded and a crystal clear, warm sound Postcards gave an uplifting performance. People knew the songs and moved to the band’s indie folk cadence, “Oh The Places We Will Go” being one of the most memorable moments of the night.

Although Two Wooden Stones played without double bass and keys, we witnessed a fine performance of talented musicians. The band from Leipzig had to appear as a duo (otherwise a four-piece) and even though their sound was reduced to its bare minimum vocals-guitar-percussions they managed to bring their brand of “Acoustic-Freak-Folk-Rock” to life in Beirut.

Shélhôm’s impressive vocal range allows different styles from indie rock to blues, folk and even pop to pile up creatively under the band’s moniker. He sings, whistles, growls, mumbles and shouts at times with demented fervor and punkish attitude; however, it is his moaning folk-timbered climaxes that genuinely uplift the audience and trigger waves of enthusiastic shouts and applauds. These folk modes and frantic crescendos are also the band’s strongest points.

Two Wooden Stones Live Yukunkun Photo

Two Wooden Stones live at Yukunkun / Photography by Alex

The duo successfully invited the people to be part of their songs by clapping and singing their arena-rock melodies. It seems that in the current wave of genre-bending poptimism, which has drifted indiscriminately bands of all genres, musicians feel the need to make their music accessible beyond niches by implementing easy-to-follow pop hooks and melodies as both bands showcased. One of the peaks of the night was the dynamic cover of Nina Simone’s classic “Be My Husband”. To close this engaging music evening Two Wooden Stones performed their stand-out anthem “My Funerals” upon popular request. Kudos to the organizers of the event and the owners of Yukunkun for creating such a friendly atmosphere and delivering a top notch sound.

Two Wooden Stones live at Yukunkun

Two Wooden Stones live at Yukunkun / Photography by Alex

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