Free Download: Duffrey – Way Of The Learned Cat

Hailing from Oakland Duffrey (born Woody Klann) just released his debut EP Staring Into Space on Street Ritual. “Way Of The Learned Cat” is Duffreythe third track of the release and you can download it for free from his Bandcamp page [click “buy now” and then put 0 at the price]. However, consider chipping in to support Duffrey’s first steps into the electronic bass universe – the EP is a fine example of cutting-edge future bass / glitch-hop.

Duffrey compresses odd breaks, shredding riffs and fluttering bleeps into labyrinthine song structures with a maximalist production ethos. Apparent are the primitive-to-transhumanist new age evasive aesthetics – like diving into the core of the earth to dissolve the self into the fathomless multiverse. Nevertheless, the focus is firmly set on quality music and innovation – and that is why we feature it in Freegan Kolektiva.


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