Music Review: Marta Ren & The Groovelvets – 2 Kinds of Men / Summer’s Gone (Didn’t Swim)

Marta Ren The Groovelvets 2 Kinds Of Men

Genre: Deep Soul / Funk

Region: Oporto, Portugal

Artists’ Website: Marta Ren & The Groovelvets facebook

Label: Record Kicks

Release Date: June 3, 2013

After the raw, gritty vocal phenomenon of Hannah Williams Record Kicks introduce us to the new deep soul diva, Marta Ren (ex The Bombazines), hailing from Oporto. Her voice is tested in two quite different tracks and it does impressively well.

“2 Kinds Of Men” is on the A side, a track that demands our full attention combining stellar songwriting, adept musicianship and a jaw-dropping vocal performance from Marta. Her voice is apparently on the spotlight and it surely stands out thanks to the clarity, range and power it possesses – a real soul pearl. However, the track has an instrumental depth as well, shining behind Marta’s loud crystal voice and which comes to the fore after the 2’30’’ mark. The blazing horns can take you on a deep funk trip while the guitar licks are utterly effective creating warm, fuzzy vibes.

“Summer’s Gone (Didn’t Swim)” serves as an ideal B side with a ska/swing lazy uplifting beat showcasing again Marta’s capabilities. It is a real skanking summer tune packed with a lot sunshine to light up your dreary days. We can’t wait for the longplayer to drop via Record Kicks later this year.

Marta Ren


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