Music Review: Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Soom T – Bong Bong EP

Mungo's Hi Fi Soom T Bong Bong

Genre: Digital Reggae / Rub-A-Dub / Dancehall

Region: Glasgow, Scotland

Artists’ Website: Mungo’s Hi Fi / Soom T

Label: Scotch Bonnet Records

Release Date: July 15, 2013

Expectations are high when Mungo’s Hi Fi and Soom T combine forces – it “never goes wrong” as the title track repeatedly claims. “Bong Bong” is actually a refix of Sister Nancy’s eternal hit “Bam Bam” (one of the most heavily played reggae songs of all times). It is a really fun version which targets the dancefloor with precision with extra riddim work and the awaited bass heaviness.

Soom T’s voice is in good shape throughout the EP spitting out her smoky obsessions with her inimitable style. “31st Century Song” features positive digital reggae with a reverberating memorable bassline while “Boom Shiva” infiltrates some R & B and eastern flavours to mold a particularly catchy tune thanks to Soom T’s vocal lines. The last track with the provocative title “I Need Weed” features jarring bass wobbles in a laid back riddim revoking the vibes of “Warm Up” (from Mungo’s Hi Fi classic album Forward Ever). The last two tracks come from older recording sessions and have appeared on Jahtari’s Ode To A Carrot.

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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