Music Review: Mr. Williamz – Dancehall Hobby EP

Mr. Williamz Dancehall Hobby

Genre: Digital Dancehall / Reggae / 8-bit Dub

Region: Germany, Denmark, UK

Artists’ Website: Jahtari / Mr. Williamz

Label: Jahtari

Release Date: September 13, 2013

The Jahtari crew seems to possess the Midas touch – most of the material released under the moniker sounds gold; Jahtari is a quality seal. These flows of quality are not a matter of contingent results; it is the long-term dedication, the deep exploration of the annals of reggae/dub/dancehall/rub-a-dub that shape the Jahtari sound always under a contemporary chiptune perspective. However, with releases like this we can also trace a shift in the production from what the label termed “laptop reggae” towards more dirty, hands-on sound manipulation and live dubbing. “Dancehall Hobby” is a testimony of sheer, original dancehall underground as it has stubbornly survived by all those mythic artists even in times where its popularity was confined to some tiny pockets in the world map.

The title track is the highlight in this set with Mr. Williamz on an excellent oldschool dancehall chatting session propelled by an unusual,  incessant UK-sounding drum kick, laced by 1980s synths and transcended by a bouncing bass and dub effects (especially in “Hobby Riddim”). This release is totally vintage and super-cult for all the dancehall die-hards. It is specially prepared by all those megatone rigs out there.

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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