Music Review: Ill-esha – Altitude Sickness

Ill-esha Altitude Sickness

Genre: Future Bass / Downtempo / Glitch-hop

Region: Denver, Colorado, USA

Artists’ Website: Ill-esha official / Ill-esha facebook

Label: Muti Music

Release Date: July 30, 2013

If you are involved in the more progressive side of modern bass music you are probably familiar with the name Ill-Esha. With a steady stream of releases and a Ill Esha Press Photo“fluid” production style which defies regular tune-building, she has gathered the attention of music fans and colleagues alike. Ill-esha is a vital member of the burgeoning melodic bass/glitch-hop scene in US and abroad.

Altitude Sickness is the brand new EP of Ill-Esha (it seems that the EP format is more functional with her type of music and allows more frequent exposure) in which she further refines her distinctive style. The title track is a good example of her work since it combines many of her elements – a slow to mid-tempo heavy beat, neon bleeps, deep bass and mid-range stabs, tons of futuristic melodies and progressively alternating parts.

Every song here compliments the sonic coherence of the EP, but not every song is the same exciting. Apart from the title track, “Oxytocin” stands out for its captivating stepwise climax and the soulful vocal clips being a fine piece of downtempo melodic bass in a DJ’s arsenal. The fact that she is using her own vocals (sparingly) elevates her material giving an extra personal touch. If you enjoy melodic bass music, make sure to catch her on tour across North America this fall with Big Gigantic (September) and Bassnectar (October).

Ill-esha 2013 tour banner


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