Music Review: Riot Jazz Brass Band – Corn On The Cob / Paradox

Riot Jazz Brass Band Corn On The Cob

Genre: Brass / Jazz / Funk

Region: Manchester, UK

Artists’ Website: Riot Jazz Brass Band

Label: First Word Records

Release Date: May 27, 2013

Brass bands are one of our favourite music outfits at Freegan Kolektiva, being long-time supporters of Youngblood Brass Band, Rebirth Brass Band and the likes – some of the most exciting jazz/funk sounds originate in the concept of brass bands as it was developed in the streets of New Orleans.

Riot Jazz Brass Band from Manchester is a fervent new ensemble albeit with a considerable live reputation from five years of constantly roaming different European stages. This 7” is actually a taster of things to come from the band. “Corn On The Cob” is a very dynamic composition fast-paced with tempo-shifts, breaks, inspired solos and amazing folkloric melodies – it would fit nicely in a Guca marathon.  Steve Pycroft (Drums), half the core of the band (the other half is Nick Walters, trumpet) takes the lead with his thundering yet precise beat-making which becomes more progressive in the B side (“Paradox”) giving an acoustic d’n’b/broken beat feel. The later pairs well showcasing the more contemplative side of the band. The multi-layered lead melody is memorable backed up by Steve’s impressive drumwork. These four short minutes can only leave us craving for more since the track has the potential to be stretch out in improvisational sessions.

Riot Jazz Brass Band – Corn On The Cob:


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