Music Review: Kenny Knots, Speng Bond, Part2Style – Tann Up Solid EP

Tann Up Solid Jahtari

Genre: Rub-A-Dub / Dancehall / Reggae / Future Ragga

Region: Leipzig, Germany / UK / Japan

Artists’ Website: JahtariSpeng Bond / Part2Style

Label: Jahtari

Release Date: September 13, 2012

Every time I was trying to put my words together about this EP I could not refrain from emphatic praise. Every song here is 100% dancefloor-tested even with the most untrained crowds. The first 3 tracks are simply the most addictive Rub-A-Dub/oldschool dancehall tracks I have come across in a very long time. Together with the closing dub (the dub version of Ranking Levy’s “Mad Man Syle” from Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 3) it is one of Jahtari’s finest releases to date.

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“Herb From Grow” sets off with quirky super-80s synths in the artisanal 8-bit production style synonymous with Disrupt/Jahtari. Original herbalist and one of UK’s finest singjays (with a 30 yearlong presence), Kenny Knots gives a melodic twist on what is maybe the most obliterating Maffi riddim with a reiterating “unfinished” bassline. Right after Speng Bond delivers a paroxysmal version marked by his superfluous exuberant chatting from slackness to culture – this is the definite rub-a-dub anthem!

The pounding has no end with “Fever” a relentless party-starter which has an edgy lo-fi distorted sound and some imaginative chiptune bleeps and effects. The vocal performance from the Japanese Rub-A-Dub Market (Part2Style) is purely deft with heart for the dancehall. In short, these three tracks make up the most crucial 9’40” of Rub-A-Dub/oldschool Dancehall in recent memory. The closing track “Robotron Dub” is pleasant dub cooling us down after the rub-a-ttack. Overall, this release must be heard by all with a soft spot for reggae and a mood skanking.

Kudos for the amazing true-to-style cover by Ellen G./MyLord!

Review by DJ Life Fabrik


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