Greek Vegan Fusion – preparing a wholesome feast in Beirut

Tomorrow, April 22, Freegan Kolektiva’s exponents in Beirut are going to prepare traditional Greek dishes using only local, seasonal, unrefined and whenever possible organic materials.

Vegan Greek Poster

Instead of looking for exotic, imported, vegan superfoods, they are exploring the wealth of culinary heritage and plant diversity still thriving in the eastern Mediterranean. At the same time they have been documenting the process, writing down ideas and recipes for an upcoming foodbook.

All locals and travelers are invited to a feast of cultural vegan foods at Demo, starting from 2000 hours. Here is the menu of the night:

Fasolada: a hearty, popular soup with navy beans, tomato, carrots, celery and a blend of spices.

Chortopita: an artisanal pastry specialty from the island of Kythera with an assortment of pure herbs.

Pastitsio: one of the most celebrated national dishes: a layer of béchamel on a layer of tomato & soy mince sauce on a layer of pasta (The béchamel is prepared with our own homemade soy milk).

Skordalia me koukia: a spring dip from Crete with fresh broad beans mashed with garlic.

Skordalia: popular dip with mashed potatoes and garlic.

Melitzanosalata: The Greek version Baba Ghanouj: roasted eggplants and paprika, parsley and vinegar

Salad with lettuce, seeds & nuts and our own special dressing.

The food will be served with our own whole grain bread.

You can check the  facebook event page / Demo’s facebook page


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