Chloro-Blast! reanimating pure life energy in Beirut

Chloro-blast! is a cultural event that brings together music from allover the world, vegan food, step dance, live djembe drumming and an activist market.

After six full months from their last gig the Beiroots DJ duo Klorophyl (ex Dubdoob) and Freegan Kolektiva’s own DJ Life Fabrik will unite to cultivate pure life energy for the first time at Yukunkun.

Chloro-blast! Poster

  • After last year’s blasters “Roots Sounds Party” and “BeiRoots” as well as their last appearance at the Mashaa activist gathering the duo strikes back this time with an extra life energy punch of cutting-edge Global Bass, Balkan Beats, Cumbia, Batida and Afro-Tropical sounds, Power Swing, Glitch-hop and as always a healthy dose of Ska, Roots Reggae, Dub and quality Dancehall.
  • Firas Yatbokh will serve his vegan rice curry delicacy
  • Fresh fruit smoothies are going to be prepared by the Yukunkun in-house crew
  • Friends will join the music vibes with their step  dance moves and djembes
  • An activist market will be set so that we can all share information on local struggles/alternatives and join activist groups

All locals and travelers are invited, all tribes are welcome!

DJ Life Fabrik | facebook / mixcloud

You can find the facebook event page here.

Yukunkun’s website / facebook and address: Rue du Liban, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon


Past events:

Freegan Kolektiva’s first event: ‘Roots Sounds Party’ with DJs Alter Global [aka Life Fabrik] and Dubdoob at Dany’s underground, Hamra, Beirut

Beiroots with Raed El-Khazen Trio and DJs Dubdoob and Life Fabrik at Dany’s underground, Hamra, Beirut

Reclaim public spaces – the ‘Mashaa’ launch event


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