Boom Selecta! Rejoicing bass & roots session in the heart of Beirut

After the success of the Roots Rum n Reggae event, where many of Lebanon’s creative and roots-minded people showed up, the monthly “Boom Selecta” sessions at Metro El Madina were born to provide the space for some reggae, global bass and live djembe drumming on a more regular basis.

Boom Selecta Poster Beirut Tonight, in the third installment of Boom Selecta, Freegan Kolektiva’s ambassador, DJ Life Fabrik, is going to join Dub Snakkr for the second time in a roots reggae/quality dancehall/UK dub/global bass set. Everybody is welcome from 2200hours onwards at Metro Al Madina, Saroulla Building (-2), Hamra, Beirut! Here is the link to the event page. Boom!

Link up with the DJs:

Dub Snakkr | facebook /mixcloud

DJ Life Fabrik | facebook /mixcloud

Roots vibrations in Beirut

Boom Selecta together with the “Reggae All Style” monthly event at Yukunkun have become some of Beirut’s reggae staples. However, reggae vibes are ever-present in DJ Life Fabrik’s own weekly sets in Demo and Antidote. There are also quite a few DJs in Beirut who blend some reggae in their sets. Here I need to mention the groundbreaking events organized by Freegan Kolektiva last year, which pushed the reggae-global vibes in Lebanon’s capital: Roots Sounds Party and BeiRoots


Links to earlier reggae/global bass events at Beirut:

  1. Freegan Kolektiva’s first event: ‘Roots Sounds Party’ with DJs Alter Global [aka Life Fabrik] and Dubdoob at Dany’s underground, Hamra, Beirut
  2. Beiroots with Raed El-Khazen Trio and DJs Dubdoob and Life Fabrik at Dany’s underground, Hamra, Beirut
  3. Roots, Rum n Reggae event

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