Mali’s cultural richness will not be silenced

It came as a shock when I read the dreadful news of Mali forced to be quiet. Warlords and their “religious” gangs have declared war on Mali’s fatoumata diawaravigorous cultural identity to establishan inhumane, colourless, ultimately brutal way of life  in its place by force. These murderers, who think the god gave them the right to to violate other people’s lives, burned the music equipment of Tiwarinen, they stopped the festival of the desert, they destroyed the shrines of Timbuktu (World Heritage Sites) and are committed to killings, whippings, kidnappings etc.

Herewith we want to make clear that any form of militarism, cultural repression or violence in the name of any religious doctrine – itself the very opposite of spirituality or religiousness – does not fit with Freegan Kolektiva’s vision of a better world.

Mali will not be silenced!

Maliko features no less than 40 Malian musicians including Fatoumata Diawara, Habib Koite and Toumani Diabate among many others.


Read more about Malian musicians featured at Freegan Kolektiva:

Tinariwen – Tassili

Vieux Farka Toure – The Secret

Andra Kouyaté and Sèkè Chi – Saro


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