Psymbionic’s new remix free download – upcoming EP

Austin-based beatmaker Psymbionic, born John Burcham, drops another slice of melodic bass music – this time he revamped his own psymbionic space monkey coverSpace Monkey”. Fuzzy, lush synths push the noisy bass punches a little bit in the background, creating a spaced-out futuristic soundscape as much for self-reflection as for dancing. I enjoy the more tuneful, melodic direction of Psymbionic’s recent works. The track can be downloaded for free here.

With this Psymbionic celebrates his forthcoming EP release by Muti Music on January 8th, 2013 titled PostWaveFutureCore, which features collaborations with Pharo and Great Scott (founder of Glitch.FM).


Melodic bass culture at Freegan Koletkiva:

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