Music Review: Mr. Gagun – 11:11 Remixed

mr. gagun 11.11 remixed

Genre: Nu-funk / Downtempo

Region: Madrid, Spain

Artists’ Website: Mr. Gagun’s soundcloud

Label: Timewarp Music

Release Date: December 10, 2012

This album is a great harvest of remixes of tracks from Mr. Gagun’s debut 11:11. Although nu-funk predominates there is enough diversity enough to proclaim it as a release worth to be heard by all funkheads.

“Funky Dog” is a massive tune and here you can find 3 remix versions of it by prominent artists like Timewarp inc, Afternoons In mr. gagunStereo and Apedroid each striking a distinct chord. Quicy Jointz remix of “Cinderella Girl” stands out as a down-n-dirty, mid-paced funk with a thick groove appropriately supporting the silky, soulful vocals of Mario Gomez.

However, if I had to point out at one number only, that would be the album’s closer, Mr. Chombee’s remake of “Wait’, which delves in a retro-80s chiptune territory. Apart from his spacey bleeps, he blended the vocals nicely in the mix with an extra bass gravity. Overall, 11:11 Remixed is another funk blaster from the Timewarp crew.

Madrid-based Mr. Gagun, born Pedro Ortuño, is a trombonist and DJ on demand while he has been active as a producer since 2002 with a growing number of musical collaborations.


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