Music Review: Bomba Estéreo – Elegancia Tropical

bomba estereo elegancia tropical

Genre: Electro-tropical / Worldbeat / Downtempo

Region: Bogotá, Colombia

Artists’ Website: Bomba Estéreo official

Label: Polen Records

Release Date: November 6, 2012

Four years have passed since Bomba Estereo’s last full-length Estalla. Although there is no dramatic departure in bomba estereoElegancia Tropical Bomba Estereo have significantly refined their electro-tropical beats. The previous album fueled the band’s international breakthrough and over these years in between their music has been apparently distilled, maturing into what Elegancia Tropical is.

This process has led into two directions: enhanced versatility in the dynamics between songs and more solid songwriting. While song quality has been consistently maintained throughout the album, their upbeat songs are more fiery than ever while their calmer moments are more tuneful and explorative.

The collaborations with kuduro bigwips Buraka Som Sistema and Brazilian rapper BNegao in “Torcido” and “Rocas” respectively helped unfolding the more rough dance-enthused side of the band. Equally exciting is “Caribbean Power” with clamant rapping, engaging effects and an empowering positive message.

On the other side, subtle melodies amidst intricate song structures surface in songs like “Bosque” or “Lo Que tengo Que Decir” while “Bailar Conmigo” and “El Alma Y El Cuerpo” radiate the band’s ethnic identity. “Pa Respirar” reaches a post-rock climax with heavy use of psychedelic effects while “Pure Love” explores the EDM club house territory being not far from a pop hit.

The album is packed with different sounds while Liliana Saumet’s voice is more ripe, delivering her most adept melodies yet with a broader range times rapping times singing, shouting and whispering.

This time Bomba Estereo deliver a fine-tuned album from start to finish without fillers – it is probably their most interesting output so far and it serves as the best introduction to Bomba Estereo’s electro-tropicalia for those who are not familiar yet.

bomba estereo photo


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