Music Review: Miss Omega – Moving On EP

roommate illoom miss omega moving on EP

Genre: Dub / Roots reggae

Region: San Franscisco and Salt Lake City US / Berlin, Germany

Artists’ Website: Miss Omega’s facebook, Illoom’s soundcloud, Roommate’s soundcloud, Kali Green’s soundcloud

Label: King Dubbist

Release Date: October 29, 2012

Here we have a brand new fresh riddim from the King Dubbist imprint inna digital roots dub style featuring the soulful, sultry vocals of Miss Omega. Production credits go to the omnipresent DJ/producer and label-owner Roommate as well as Salt Lake City’s bass music monger and permaculture gardener Illoom.

The bass line is deep and driving without dubstep acrobatics reminding the sound of Tes La Roc’s remix of “Round The World Girls”. The production is clean and bright in the Roommate tradition while the vibes of the riddim are utterly rootsy and meditative with all the melodic elements and dub effects in the right place (check the instrumental version “Moving On Riddim”).

Miss Omega’s vocal delivery is top-notch referring to another American lioness Dezarie as heard in her debut Fya (2001) albeit Omega’s voice is deeper, more R&B-tinged and poppy. “Moving On” is an excellent track destined to keep bass music nights hot with roots reggae. Kali Green’s version titled “Rub Dub Dubbing” keeps the vibes high with his energetic, passionate approach while the dub version completes this eminent release. We need to mention that Kali Green is a member of the Lion’s Den collective in Berlin.

All in all, Moving On is certainly a standout moment in the careers of all artists involved.


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