Music Review: Captain Planet – Mystery Trip Vol. 1

captain planet mystery trip

Genre: Funk / World

Region: Brooklyn, L.A. , US

Artists’ Website: Captain Planet’s facebook

Label: Bastard Jazz

Release Date: October 2012

Captain Planet navigates through the music of geographically distant places from Puerto Rico to Zimbabwe and Korea via his bottomless crates in his beloved formula: ripping old, scratchy tracks from his vinyl collection, and then editing them time and again while adding some original beats and effects.

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Captain Planet, born Charlie Wilder, is a living music encyclopedia with vast knowledge and an acquired taste for world music, funk and jazz, especially after hosting a radio show specialised on global music as well as reviewing thoroughly the entire world music catalogue of Lincoln Center’s public library. Here he tailored his scholarship and skills for the needs of a cassette mixtape project and the outcome is both adventurous and exciting.

Captain Planet’s knowledge is one of the strongest points of Mystery Trip Vol. 1 as the original tracks he selected are at least intriguing and with his magic tweaks they are rejuvenated. Captain Planet instead of adulterating the tracks, as usually done when old songs are unearthed and laced with beats, he actually reinforced their identity.

Bouyouye” is afro-funk at its best with a pervasive African vibe, trademark guitar licks while Wilder’s extras like the imaginative captain planet mystery boomboxbeats and dub effects give that extra boost making it a special track. In “Yallahs” he does a great job looping and reconstructing the track, enhancing the rhythm and bass to unleash its psychedelic vibes.

Paracatu” features captivating bossa afro-tropical sounds with a memorable chorus and polyrhythmic mashups. “Pogetto” is an expansive funk rock crossover track ala Banda Black Rio while “Lamentin” is boosted with an uptempo beat to keep people moving in the party.

Mystery Trip Vol. 1 comes as a mix on cassette as well as digital download with separate tracks. The deluxe edition comes with a hand-painted walkman by Captain Planet himself (!) while there was one specially crafted Panasonic RX-5110 Boombox available in collaboration with Turntable Lab.

Indeed, it all sounds fresh and innovative! Kudos to the whole team behind this release!


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