Music Review: Ziggi Recado – Liberation 2.0

ziggi recado liberation 2.0

Genre: Roots reggae

Region: the Netherlands

Artists’ Website: Ziggi Recado

Label: Dredda Records

Release Date: November 9, 2012

Liberation 2.0 might be the most rootsy output of Ziggi Recado to date. The chanter from the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Eustratius has redefined himself after parting ways with Rock(N)Vibes management as heard in his landmark EP #Liberation earlier this year. (Read the full review for #Liberation here) Well, in this second liberating episode Ziggi goes another brave step further in the roots ziggi recado live vondelparkreggae direction and although some versatility is sacrificed to achieve that  the result is more than pleasing.

This release is meant for reflection and soothing from the ills of modern world – that is the principal vibe when listening to the EP: it is a musical carpet with an uncomplicated, undisturbed flow from start to finish where conscious messages shine. It is not only the messages, it is also the beloved voice of Ziggi Recado allover.

Having said that it is hard to search for standout tracks here. However, the title track deserves a special mention since Ziggi’s vocal melodies and message are stunning backed by a competent one-drop riddim (though I did not enjoy much the orchestral overtones). Ziggi’s words are more than precise and timely in portraying the dominant system:

“See dem selling their illusion of a people that’s free but debt is modern enslavement. To divide an conquer is their philosophy, every natural resource dem want take, every ancestral bond dem want break.”

Then he encourages us to set ourselves free mentally and spiritually to inspire positive change around us. That brings us to the following track “Pure n Divine”, which is celebrating life and meditation. Marro and Decko’s production deliver unadulterated roots and Ziggi finds himself in a serious delirium of spiritual vibes. I sense also some Midnite vibes creeping in.

Another exceptional track is “The Anchor”, with an uplifting and joyful riddim, and memorable vocal performances from both Ziggi and Mojo Morgan. Equally engaging is “Till The End”, a fully deep roots anthem with a hypnotic pulse and Ziggi yet again in vocal and lyrical greatness.

Ziggi’s transmissions of spiritual awakening and social change are pervasive and inspiring as they resonate throughout the whole Liberation 2.0. Oneness! In Ziggi’s own words “Unite, live right and make the powers manifest, cause united people could never get oppressed.” 

It is not that I did not enjoy Ziggi’s earlier crossover flavour and vibrancy like in “This Year” or “Time For Greatness” but here we have to deal with a more coherent release without ingenious sparks and less interesting lows. Concluding, the Liberation EPs might be the most solid pieces of work in Ziggi Recado’s career so far.


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