Ziggi Recado liberates us for the second time: the video

Ziggi Recado has realized that the road to self-liberation is rather long and rocky, so he decided to motivate us once more. With a fully Ziggi Recado Photoconscious lyrical content, a stunning vocal performance and an addictive roots riddim he is asking us once more to lift our mental barriers and inspire change in a world still filled with hatred.

Freegan Kolektiva would say that the only real and meaningful change comes from inside, each acknowledging her potential and the present human condition in general – what Ziggi calls “mass political corruption dem call democracy”.

This video is actually reverse-typical where all these fancy villas and cars, consistently demonstrated in your average (especially hip-hop) music video, are shown as part of the captivity not the liberation (they call it “success”). In the Western side of this world, more than anything else it is consumer culture what we need to break away from.

This is the first single and official music video from Ziggi Recado’s upcoming Liberation 2.0 EP.

“Inna Babylon Ritual I Nah Partake”


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