Music Review: Empresarios – El Sonido Mágico

Empresarios El Sonido Magico

Genre: Hip-hop /  Dub / Tropicaliente / Funk / Electronic

Region: Washinton DC, US

Artists’ Website: Empresarios official website

Label: Fort Knox Recordings

Release Date: November 13, 2012

El Sonido Mágico is one of these releases that collects and compresses so many styles into one that is difficult to describe. However, in the Latin Empresariosworld some of the styles demonstrated here have become a staple for alternative groups throughout the years: hip-hop, reggae/dub, downtempo to name a few.

Washington, DC-based Empresarios are a tropical music party squad already in its second full-length after 2011’s debut Sabor Tropical. With three Puerto Ricans in the ranks, sun-scorched Caribbean mash-ups are guaranteed. Let us not forget that Washington is the tropical/funk epicentre of the US at the moment.

Every song has its own identity here and though not all of them are of equal quality the overall experience of El Sonido Mágico drifts clearly to the positive territory. What is overpowering in the album is the party mood – coming together and having fun.

Among the album’s highlights are the catchy latin reggae/dub crossover “Rompan Fila” with a pumping bass and adept rhyming, the disco party-starter “Volume”, the beat-driven latin massive of “Sentimiento Latino” and the funky downtempo jam of “Estereolismo”. All these diverse sounds fit nicely together, keeping the fun aspect high at all times. Curiously, one of my favourite tracks that Empresarios put out recently is their dubby downtempo take on Fania All Stars “Ponte Duro”, which is not included in the album. It is great to hear a modern band diggin’ the latin crossover supergroup. All in all, El Sonido Mágico will prepare you sufficiently until Empresarios hit your town and the real party starts.


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