Music Review: Opiuo – Butternut Slap Part 3

Opiuo Butternut Slap Image

Genre: Glitch-hop / Heavy Funk / Melodic Bass

Region: Melbourne, Australia

Artists’ Website:

Label: Addictech Records

Release Date: October 22, 2012

Opiuo has managed to carve a niche in electronic music where melodic bass meets glitch, funk and psychedelia. There is this melodic, wobbly, warm touch in his productions and the sense of tunefulness that makes his music stand out. The paradox is that although this music is digitally programmed and clean-cut for the most part, the result is very organic and human, blasting tons of life energy to Opiuo Liveevery direction.

Well, it has been the butternut slap year for Opiuo and this is the third and last installment  most probably soon followed by a deluxe remix album from the EP series. The funky song titles represent all-exciting tunes, but even though part of a series it is not one of the same – there are some obvious points of departure here.

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Firstly, there is a sense of maturity apparently related to the fact that Opiuo is touring constantly while producing new tracks and remixes. His definitely in a good shape and we can hear that on every song in the EP. Secondly, there are fresh new sounds and a conscious shift towards more adventurous tune-building. This release does not rush to impress, even though all the exciting elements are in place.

The opener, “Fizzle Tickler” is a good example of all the aforementioned as it incorporates a steady bit (electro house / dancehall) next to the usual Opiuo funky breaks and various tempo shifts almost reaching the seven minute mark. The meticulous, intensive, cutting-edge sound editing of Opiuo shines through every track of Butternut Slap Part 3.

In Search Of King Anchovy” is closer to the Butternut style while “Gravel Rush” forges a solid midtempo electro/hip-hop beat that is as utterly engaging as dance-prone. It is one of my personal Opiuo favs. “Trout Snout”, the EP’s closer, is a mysterious track that explores new textures for Opiuo. This time the electro beat is set by a ska-reggae skanking riddim with guitar licks and a melody somewhere between dubby melodica and tango (with Gotan Project in mind).

Overall, Butternut Slap Part 3 is a great example of contemporary electronic music packed with fuzzy, positive vibes. Opiuo is truly one of most crucial producers of his generation.


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