A Heavy Funk free download by Psymbionic

A track that goes directly from my mail box to my DJ set tonight! I am already moving to the positive, uplifting, glitchy vibes. If you like any types of funky grooving you will most probably enjoy this one as well. The bass and mid-range riffing might be pumped to the max but the feeling is almost the same as back then – just transcribed to be adept in today’s bass culture.

Well, “Fly Like An Eagle” is one of the most captivating remixes of Psymbionic so far. It all starts with a good crate-digging selection and the original was not only a big hit back then but it seems to have a persisting value with the aid of a Psymbionic refix. Expect a clean n’ crisp production boosted by thick and rattling bass vibrations and tinged with disco-glitch electronics. The track falls exactly between latest offerings of Opiuo and KOAN Sounds. As the original Steve Miller Band seems to be back on track, this remix give an extra breath for revival.


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2 thoughts on “A Heavy Funk free download by Psymbionic

    • The song was removed after the demand of Steve Miller Band. With that the band missed the chance to be heard by a different audience.
      In Freegan Kolektiva we support Creative Commons or other free-sharing licenses in order to sidestep all these bureaucratic issues.
      It is also the most effective way to resist any forthcoming SOPAs and ACTAs.

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