Music Review: Paulette Wright & Fischerman – Don’t Fear

Paulette Wright Fischerman Don't Fear

Genre: Roots Reggae / Dub

Region: Upssala, Sweden, Dijon and Reims, France

Artists’ Website: Paulette Wright at Noomiz  / Fischerman at Soundcloud

Label: Dubatriation Records

Release Date: October 2012

Here in Freegan Kolektiva we are very pleased to listen to the latest Dubatriation offering. In an age where music is produced in unprecedented amounts while new trends pop up and filter the sounds ever faster (check dubstep) it is hard to keep up an eclectic quality-well-above-quantity approach. That’s Dubatriation! With strictly mind-blowing releases this label is really concentrated on Fischermancreating new textures on a firmly roots reggae foundation while honouring the conscious lyrical content and the 7” format. Even if the roots sounds the label is hurling are so familiar you keep on asking yourself what is different. Well, quality is different these days and Dubatriation conveys a characteristic vibe that most lack.

Although the label’s peak for now might still be the collaboration of Mayd Hubb with Shanti D in the unsurpassed “Politik” (read the full review), yet “Don’t Fear” easily stands out from the pack. Paulette Wright is no stranger to Dubatriation, in fact her collaboration with French dubster Panda Dub was pressed on the first 7” of Duabtriation titled “Protect The Earth”. Spirit-filled and self-taught singer/musician Paulette has kept a soft spot for dub (singing for Mahom and Tiburk soundsystem) even though her Paulette Wrightpersonal projects revolve more around folk and trip-hop.

The message is more personal and introvert than environmental this time but similarly crucial. Supported by the epic, panegyric roots music of Fischerman she exhorts us to to overcome our fears and explore life. Fischerman hails from Upssala, Sweden where the dub underground soundsystems are alive and brewing. Multi-instrumentalist, label owner (Jah Wadada) and producer, his love for analog sounds shines in the dub version. “Keep On Dubbing makes heavy use of effects like echoes, delays and reverbs from vintage gear to create a transcending atmosphere with only the bassline keeping us on Earth. Here I need to note that the bass line although quite upbeat, with the UK-steppers drum-kick it does not overpower the tracks contrary to the vast majority of today’s dub. Here craftmanship goes to effects, tunefulness and atmospherics rather than mere bass heaviness (don’t get me wrong I still love the bass).

Paulette’s voice is “thin” and angelic lacing the analog dubman’s craft to deliver that unique Dubatriation vibe. This time around it reminded me the digital steppers of Dayjah meets the Disciples in Storm Clouds although obviously more rootsy and organic. Well, how often do you hear tracks like these?

Support spirited music – push forward original sounds!


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