Music Review: Leon – Night & Day EP

Leon Night Day Cover

Genre: Nu funk  / Nu jazz / Downtempo

Region: Verneuil sur Seine, Paris, France

Artists’ Website: Leon at Reverbnation

Label: Timewarp Music

Release Date: October 22, 2012

If you want some dance-proof funky tunes or a playful chill-out session to lift your mood a beat away from crunching routines Night & Day is an obvious choice. Multi-instrumentalist /producer and Timewarp Music resident, Stephane Voituret a.k.a Leon knows exactly how to built up tunes that have that oldschool kind of feeling mixed with breaks, downtempo and nu jazz.

There is a good slice of Mr. Scruff but more “contained”, tuneful and dedicated to that old funk with pronounced and fluid basslines (along with the zeitgeist) which parallel the thick sound of nu-funk stalwarts AGFA albeit more organic (do not forget that Leon is a bass player as well). Good things happen when you are obsessed about music like Leon.

The title track and opener is fairly representative, containing all those elements presented above. At the same time it is one of the most dynamic numbers together “Get That Groove”. “Midnight Funk” falls somewhere between acid jazz, funk and downtempo with some discrete spacey bleeps (Thievery Hi-Fi style) while “A Jazz End” conveys an uplifting Django-nautic vibe with gypsy guitar licks and swingy samples. With Caravan Palace in mind, all these sounds are well-filtered to fit a coherent Leon style.

To be honest I am not familiar with Leon’s earlier output, but checking this constant flow of releases under the Timewarp imprint I am willing to dive in. Funk dat!


Funky sounds at Freegan Kolektiva:

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